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Done and done.

(Not pictured: “Butt window”, but trust me, it’s there.)

You have no idea how much this cheered me up just now.

I for one, think this is a major improvement. Look how empowered he is! And it’s relevant to the character as someone who is powered by the sun, he’d want to maximize the amount of sunlight he receives, right? It’s not like it makes sense for him to cover himself from chin to toe.
In fact, I think some strappy sandals might be an improvement.

strappy high heeled sandals would increase his height making him closer to the sun. and if wonderwoman can fight in heels it can’t be that hard, right?


Felt a dire need to contribute to the hilarity.

Now I can tell right away he’s a strong male character. Whew! No more confusion.

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Also their clothes (pockets, pockets, pockets).

if stuff is made for men, it’s practical and helps them be human beings

if stuff is made for women, it’s pretty and helps us be decoration

You forgot, the stuff made for women is also more expensive

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A warrior only gives up when it’s dead… Cite Arrow Quote by me (via 0ce4n-g0d)
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Myself(zacktherippercosplay) as Jack Frost Cosplaying as Elsa
And my friend Julie as Elsa Cosplaying Jack Frost!
Metrocon was super CHILL! ;p

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Anna Kendrick’s reaction to the leaked celebrity photos. [@annakendrick47]

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Types of matter

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subway sure doesn’t mess around when it comes to puns

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Thank you Michael Grant for understanding

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I hate people generally, but I like people individually. Cite Arrow introverts (via janesblueheaven)
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These Sanrio #tsumtsum are so cute! @the_loveless stacked them up and shared this adorable pic! We have the small ones at JapanLA $7 each…they are also phone screen cleaners. We are out of the larger Pom Pom Purin but have medium and large round plushies available in Hello Kitty and My Melody still! Call or email to order. We can invoice you on paypal too! Not available on our website. #hellokitty #badtzmaru #mymelody #keroppi #pompompurin #japanla (at JapanLA)

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I actually found it rather upsetting seeing such a vibrant, energetic and strong character in a wheelchair with obvious depression, in a way the it kind of hit close to home.

Finale messed me up bro.

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